Continuous Kicker

Everyone has had the scenario where they need to get the kicker off at the windward mark on a windy day, but have the problem that all the slack is down at the leeward side. Not a problem? How about when you come out of a tack unable to pop the battens because the boom has gone skywards because your crew has uncleated the kicker mid tack? You are unable to go down to leeward to recleat it. Try this continuous kicker system out!

Note that pic 3 shows a different type of rope that that in pics 1 & 2. All pics are of 1013. The two ends of the kicker rope are NOT tied together as this would stop the full running of the kicker through the metal rings. Instead the ends are spliced together, then a few stiches in the ends of the splice. This method is very strong and it doesn't matter if the splice ends up in the system. Just make sure the splice isn't in the cleat as it may slip and will wear quickly.

You can pull the kicker on the leeward side from the windward side by pulling the kicker at the back of the boat through the back metal ring, through the front metal ring and down to the cleat. The ring on the middle of the boat where the spinnaker block is attached is aligned just right so that it pulls the kicker directly through the jaws of the cleat.

Continuous kicker pic 1 of 3. Continuous kicker pic 2 of 3.
Continuous kicker pic 3 of 3.