ISO Race meetings

The ISO Class Association (ICA) organise an annual series of events for ISO owners to meet and race against each other. The events are very friendly and newcomers will be welcomed into the fleet. If your skill level is not very high we will make allowances during the races and offer help and advice afterwards. While we are all trying to win, the accent is on friendly camaraderie rather than competitive aggression. There has not been any protests in the last 10 years as far as I know. If you make a mistake and impede a right of way boat you may be asked to do some turns but this is part of the game and no one is going to think badly of you for it. You need to join the ISO Class Association to compete in the main ISO class events (Nationals, Inlands, Eurocup) but for smaller events (especially when we join a general handicap fleet in another open meeting) we don't tend to enforce this although you won't be able to win ICA trophies. 

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