This system of roping the outhaul allows the outhaul to be pulled on even whilst going up wind in a force 4+ and the mainsail still driving. It also cleats alot easier. Another bonus of this system is that when you release the outhaul for off wind, all you have to do is bang it out of the cleat and it will release all the way to the knot.

The outhaul has a floating block inside the boom aswell as this purchase system on the mast end. A piece of rope is attached to the floating block and runs to the outboard end of the boom, through the clew and is tied off at the end as normal. Another piece of rope starts at the mast end and is passed through the boom and secured with a stopper knot (see last photo). It then passesup the boom and through the floating block and back to the mast end where it is threaded through the cleat as normal. A fixed loop is created, with the tail continuing on through the metal ring at the top of the kicker and back to the fixed eye. A bobble is fixed to the end.

The knot is preset for the off wind setting. When max off, the clew of the main is approx 1" from the inboard end of the outhaul track. When pulled on hard, the clew should be able to reach the outboard end of the track.

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