The ISO Class Association (ICA) looks after the ISO dinghy class: 

  • working with its approved suppliers to ensure the supply of ISO parts,
  • promoting and advertising the class, managing the ISO website (, and running a stand at the the annual RYA dinghy show etc.,
  • organising class racing events for association members,
  • maintaining the ISO class rules (i.e. rules of what you can and can't do to the boat if you want to be class legal).

If you own an ISO you should join the ICA in order to ensure that the ISO has a future. Benefits of joining the Class Association:

  • You will have a say in decisions about the class and you will be able to vote at the AGM.
  • You will be helping to ensure the class has a future including supply of spare parts,
  • You will be able to race your ISO (Strictly speaking, you are not racing an ISO unless one of the crew is an ICA member and in theory, you could be protested and disqualified from any race)
  • You will be able to enter ISO Class association events and win ISO trophies
  • You will make friends with a diverse set of friendly people all obsessed with their ISOs
  • You will get an 8% discount on all purchases at Vantage sailing.

If you don't own an ISO, you can still join as an associate member and get all the above benefits except that you cannot vote at AGMs