ISO 2012 - when the going gets tough, the ISO gets going !!

2011 was a great Dinghy Show for us but a dog of a year for all classes with recession, cost of fuel, earthquakes, nuclear reactors, Tsunamis and just top it out, the Euro crisis made beer at the Open de France astronomical !! Mon Dieu ! But the ISOs were there. (well done again Dave & Rachel - Euro Champs 2011).

However, all that is now behind us and it is now 2012. London Olympic Year, loads going on at the UK's Mecca of sailing, Weymouth, loads more going on in Stratford, which has been transformed from a gloomy dump of a wasteland into an area of beauty, sport - and yes even the odd bit of politics. 

So what have we got in store ?? Another great circuit, courtesy of Colin Snook (He's getting the hang of it - Ed.) kicking off with this weekend's Dinghy Show at Ally Pally. Come and see us for a coffee, a chat, Rooster Sails - and those Show discounts. Full calendar on New website due out in March also.

Anyone want to do some pre-season tune up ?? Come and grab us - we'll find some water and a couple of boats to blow the cobwebs away before Broadstairs and the joint event with our friends in the Laser 4000s. Don't forget to come minesweeping with Bruce, Jonny and friends at Essex before we all return to that great little club on the Isle of Sheppey.

Marco and the Italian fleet have turned on the charm again, inviting us all back to that terrific little pond of Lake Maggiore. Much closer than Garda, just as picturesque, great camp site within metres of the boats. Plenty for the family to see and do - and of course a great big Italian welcome. Hang the Euro, it's got to be done, so get booking those cheap tickets and accommodation now !! Oh - and if you are into missing UK Olympic opening fever - it's the place for you.

We get back to Calshot and then a new challenge with the Dutch Skiff Trophy, which Colin and Hans have tied in with SkiffBenelux (, the folks who organise the Benelux European circuit. It's only a couple of hours or so from Calais. Careful booking of tickets may just get you a ferry discount for Italy and Holland.

Fairly close together this time we have the Nationals and Inlands, both at great venues and well worth the trip. We'll all be well practiced by then so no excuses for not giving them both a go.

Rock on 2012 - the ISO will indeed get going !!

Bob Ladell