ISO Inland Championships 6th and 7th October 2012

The ISOs gathered at Draycote Water for the Inland Championships, on a lovely sunny day but a light variable wind.  

The racing got off to slightly early start which made some of us have to get a move on, (must read the notice of race).

Race 1 got off to a good start with Bob Ladell and Gary Hill 814 showing their expertise at reservoir sailing, arriving first at the windward mark and leading downwind, but then getting in a muddle at the leeward end of course, not realising it was a gate and rounding the wrong way, (must read the sailing instructions).  This allowed John Gill and Juliet Daniels 1003 to get through to take the lead; this remained the order to the finish, with Colin Snook and Alison Revitt 558 to take third.

Race 2 saw Bob and Gary make no mistakes, leading from start to finish. John and Juliet having to fight it out with Colin and Alison, with John and Juliet slowly getting ahead to take second.

Race 3 saw a little more wind, this time it was John and Juliet who got away, Colin and Alison had a great last leg to make it an exciting photo finish with Bob and Gary just pipping them to the post arriving at speed on the opposite gybe.

Race 4 again saw Bob and Gary make the best of it, with John and Juliet chasing hard but never getting too close, with Colin and Alison third. Day 1 ended with Bob and Gary and John and Juliet on equal points for first and second place, Colin and Alison third, leaving it all to play for on Sunday.

That evening we held the class AGM, then joined the Buzz fleet for a very enjoyable meal at the Dun Cow.

Sunday started with fog and little wind, as the fog cleared so did the wind, Draycote Water looked like a mill pond.  Racing was postponed for a while, but the wind never did come in and the day’s racing cancelled, so congratulations to Bob and Gary, winning the last race and winning the Inlands 2012.


John Gill


ISO Nationals 2012

Highcliffe SC, 15th & 16th September 2012


Rarely does a Race Officer and team get thanks in the opening sentence of a race report, it’s usually a last line afterthought, but the Highcliffe RO and whole volunteer Team get a very well deserved thank-you for their organisation and management of the respective ISO, Buzz and Laser 4000 Nationals last weekend, on and off the water. The turnaround between races was exemplary, no APs, no hanging around – just course set and great racing in the best champagne sailing conditions we’ve had the pleasure since La Rochelle way back in 2006. Absolutely excellent !!


The south westerly beckoned all three fleets out of the Mudeford channel into Christchurch Bay towards the Needles on Saturday morning. The forecast for a good strong breeze producing rollers just right for asymmetric surfing creating eager anticipation !


Race 1 started with everyone close off a classic starboard line with the race leaders steadily emerging at the front. Coming out of retirement, Jonny and Bugsy were close in with John and Juliet at the first mark with Euro Champ Rob and returning crew Barry not far behind in 1022. The other three boats got round in reasonable proximity and up with the kites.

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Calshot ISO and Buzz Open Meeting

For once the wind co-operated for a Calshot ISO/Buzz open meeting and a total of seven races were completed over the weekend by six ISOs and five Buzzes.  Having said that the wind was rather light on Saturday and at one point we found ourselves drifting backwards with the tide waiting for the wind to fill in from the other direction.  In order to keep us amused during the light stuff an airshow was arranged including a Battle of Britain flypast, Catalina flying boat and RAF training jets. After Saturday's racing we all went out to the Bramble bank on Mark and Jane's Konsort to watch the annual Cricket match that is played at the lowest of tides when the Bramble actually dries out. Unfortunately the strong SW wind was whipping up the waves down the solent and it was far from dry making Cricket infeasible so instead, Dave and Rachel came whizzing out in their ISO to give us an amusing demonstration of what happens when you try to sail across the Brambles at full speed while a spring tide is at its lowest. Back at Calshot SC we fired up the BBQ and had a pleasant evening eating and drinking.

Oh yes, the racing......!

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Sheppey time 2012 !

One of my favourite venues – Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club. An ISO event. And windy !

Like a lot of events with many classes in the last couple of years, the turnout was low. Just three ISOs, a Buzz and interestingly, an Alto.

Saturday was blowing the proverbial old boots. F6 gusting F7 - at which racing was abandoned.

Bob and Gary in ISO 814 decided to give it a crack and went screaming off in a cloud of spray. Beating upwind, bore away big time and popped the kite. Big gust hit with some massive acceleration toppling the crew, slicing upwind and a big splash………..  Boat back upright and some more 2 sail reaching followed by another couple of swims and in we came. Enough fun for one day !

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Essex Yacht Club ISO Open Meeting, 19th/20th May 2012

Travelling Adventures by Ali the Crew

Stick and I set off from Winchester at 7.30am, we arrived at the Wharf in Leigh on Sea at 10 and walked along the seafront path to the Essex Yacht Club to sign in for the ISO Open Meeting.  In total there were six ISOs prepared to sail. We walked back to Serenity, rigged then dashed back to the clubhouse on HMS Wilton to change. We missed the race briefing.

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ISO 2012 - when the going gets tough, the ISO gets going !!

2011 was a great Dinghy Show for us but a dog of a year for all classes with recession, cost of fuel, earthquakes, nuclear reactors, Tsunamis and just top it out, the Euro crisis made beer at the Open de France astronomical !! Mon Dieu ! But the ISOs were there. (well done again Dave & Rachel - Euro Champs 2011).

However, all that is now behind us and it is now 2012. London Olympic Year, loads going on at the UK's Mecca of sailing, Weymouth, loads more going on in Stratford, which has been transformed from a gloomy dump of a wasteland into an area of beauty, sport - and yes even the odd bit of politics. 

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