ISO Gala - Isle Of Sheppey SC (26th & 27th April)

Over the weekend of the 27/28th April the Isle of Sheppy Sailing club hosted the second Cousin Trestec sponsored event of the year. The forecast was for fair weather and sunshine at least on Saturday. Unfortunately this was not enough to tempt some of the usual culprits to the Isle of Sheppy! Those who stayed at home missed a thoroughly enjoyable event.

The first race started in a southerly force four and conditions were glorious. Neil Ashby and Nick Lett got off to a good start in 1195 closely followed by Lloyd Walker and Katie Keam-George in 1185 Superspars. Jonny Wells and Bulsy were slow off the line in Neil Pryde 1184 but made a good recovery by the windward mark. Lloyd and Katie were not going well with several problems including a rudder that was not fixed down so decided to retire in order to sort themselves out meanwhile Bob and Luke were going well in Cousin Trestec and finally finished second behind Neil Pryde.

Race two and the wind was now starting to pick up to a more exciting strength. With the wind coming off shore there were some tricky gusts and shifts. Pete Lindley in 1013 RWO sailing with local, Lee Marriott, took a port end flyer and caught the whole fleet out. They were away with a huge lead but fate had another idea when they trawled the kite.
Superspars were having a night mare and retired again; this time heading to the shore for more repairs. 1195 showed their speed in the stronger conditions and took first with Cousin Trestec second again.

Race three saw Superspars arrive back late for the start but they carried on and eventually caught up with some of the others. Neil Pryde was back at the front with RWO giving away a good lead by capsizing. This is quite unusual for Mr. Lindley who is something of a heavy weather maestro usually.

Sunday dawned and light airs looked to be the order of the day.

In the first race Rob and Barry in Concept Sails got off to the best start at the pin but were soon overhauled by Lloyd and Katie who went on to win from Jonny and Bulsy.

Race two of the day saw the same pattern with same two boats one and two.

The last race started in a fair light wind and was going well until the boats turned into the now strengthening tide. Superspars was leading and pulling away until the wind stopped all together and then went round in circles for a bit leaving Superspars last now. Fortunately the race officer abandoned the race and everyone headed for home. Needless to say as we were all being towed in the wind sprang up- as per normal!!

Many thanks to Isle of Sheppy Sailing Club, Cousin Trestec, and RWO.

The fleet moves on to Broadstairs in two weeks time where a good time is guaranteed even if we can't sail!


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