ISO Gala - Datchet Water SC (8th & 9th March)

In like a Lion. ISOs at Datchet

March winds welcomed the ISOs and Laser 4000s to Datchet for the first event of the 2008 season.

First start saw Cousin Trestec smartly off the 18 strong line in a building F4 hotly pursued by the rest of the fleet. Should it be up the bank or out to the middle? Dry & Calm opted for the middle, Cousin Trestec, RWO and newcomers Neil and Nick in 1195 opted to go right. The top mark saw Dry & Calm and Cousin Trestec just in the lead. Little difference going left or right. There was going to be no margin for error.

Up with the kites and the F5 kicked in!! 1195 pulled through and took the lead up the next beat. The new guys had been practicing and held the lead to take the first race over Cousin Trestec. And RWO ? The Lindleys were much too keen - and OCS.

Start two and wind still building. 1195 and Cousin Trestec fighting it out for the first mark, tacking to take the lead and first mistake. Splash - and all three competitors eventually crawled by handing the lead to 1195, which they held again despite the awesome sustained gusts enabling Cousin Trestec to claw back much of the lost ground in behind RWO.

The wind was still full on for race three. But what was this? Only three boats? Lame Lindley DNC. More changes all the way up the beat followed by even more awesome blasting back to the leeward mark. Another swim allowed 1195 the lead for the third time of the day making it a fairly close 1, 2, 3. An excellent day making up for a large part of last seasons poor winds.

Sunday started a lot more quietly enabling the lighter weight crews on RWO and Dry & Calm to show some form, the heavyweights in 1195 bringing up a creditable 4th joined by three more ISOs for the day.

Race 5 and the skies darkened. Could it be a repeat of yesterday? Another prompt start saw hot competition for the first mark. RWO took it just before the squall kicked in and shot everyone off on another blast to the leeward mark. Dry & Calm exercising some tactics on Cousin Trestec to push them well down wind. A two sail reach back to the mark made up some of the distance but nevertheless line honours went to RWO closely followed by Dry & Calm.

Final race and again the leaders shot off swapping places all the way. RWO took the day to give them 3rd overall. Neil and Nick in 1195 being the most consistent of the weekend to win the event. Well done guys good to see some newcomers waking up the fleet!

With thanks to some 1st class direction for Datchet’s Race Officer, really nice and quick turn around between races. Look out for the multitude of photos taken by one of the Datchet rescue team.

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