Automatic Spinnaker Pole Launch System

During the development of the BOSS it was considered desirable that the spinnaker and it's pole should be able to be launched at the same time by the crew. This being of particular importance in a twin wire boat when the helmsman is lightly to be still trapezing during the spinnaker hoist. At first sight this arrangement appears to be the ultimate answer for the ISO since the pole and spinnaker are launched simultaneously. However it is important to remember that it does in fact take the same amount of pulling as first pulling the halyard, then pulling the pole out, except that one never has to pick up another rope during the process. If the helm pulls out the pole as the crew is hoisting the spinnaker, the process is completed quicker.





# Knot 1
This is a safety knot so that the pole rope doesn't disappear into the pole.

# Knot 2
This knot is so the pole comes in when the kite is pulled down. To position it correctly, a bowline should be tied in the end (simulate the kite tack), then, with the pole fully retracted, the rope should be draped up into the chute mouth. Tie the knot inside the pole so it is up against the nylon end stopper.

# Back to back blocks
These are 19mm ball bearing blocks and can be obtained from Ronstan. Failing this, shackle two blocks together.

Nevertheless the auto system is cheaper and tidier than the current system and saves one cleat (at the expense of an extra block) and also acts as a take-away for some of the halyard slack when the kite is down. The committee has therefore decided to legalise both systems whilst owners try out the new arrangement and report back their opinions and experiences. If the consensus is that the system is an overall improvement the Class may suggest that it be adopted on all new production boats.