Trier, Germany, May 2015 - ISO Europeans and German Nationals

Sailing for the fun of it

Video of event here:

This was the motto Nik used to convince Lars and me to participate in the
Ascension Races run by his sailing club in Trier. He topped this off with
offering one boat out of his personal ISO dinghy fleet for the German ISO
Nationals as a part of the Europeans.

Saturday morning came and we found ourselves standing in front of the ISO “Mausetüte” (“mice bag”). Both of us had never been on an ISO and we only sailed together twice before. So we set ourselves the goals to give back the boat in one piece, not to capsize and – before all – to have fun!

The sailing club was offering breakfast, but we preferred to spend the time getting used to the cockpit layout and all the ropes. Sebastian would be crewing and weighs in at considerably more than the 78 kg threshold, so Nik explained to us that we would be sailing without the wings. The resulting reduction in width decreases the righting moment, but at the same time the weight goes down by 15 kg. This way the differences in overall weight and righting moment of different crews are compensated for.

After the briefing the three groups Pirat (traditional German double handed hiking dinghy with kite), ISO and Yardstick launched. Thanks to Nik’s never ending efforts 10 crews from Italy, the Netherlands, England and Germany battled it out on the water. Unfortunately we usually were quite a bit behind the leading pack so we cannot report what happened at the front. We
did spot that ISOs CAN capsize, though :).

Mitigating the Pirate dinghies as well as the commercial barges made things interesting while the wind increased. Every barge had a safety boat leading it to warn the crews. All means of “propulsion” (pumping, paddling, etc.) were allowed to increase the distance to the barges if required, but only strictly towards the river banks.

The race officer had planned for up to 5 races as the wind forecast for Sunday did not look promising. After 4 races we were completely done and ready to go ashore anyway, but fortunately the race officer realized that it was getting late and skipped the 5th race.

After enjoying a shower in the nice and well looked after club facilities we joined the delicious BBQ. An friendly get-together with many tips, stories and plans for future races unfolded. We as only “temporary” ISO sailors felt very welcome.

Sunday started in the club house with a breakfast variety that matched 4 star hotels.

The race officer send us out and we had some opportunity to work on our light airs boat handling. Eventually there was not enough wind to start a race, though.

The club members running the galley continued to be busy in the meantime and offered a soup for lunch and ice cream as dessert. When we left the club premises after the price giving the wind of course had picked up enough to allow for proper sailing again.

Lars Wegner and Sebastian Lienkamp

RangLandSegel_NrYachtnameSteuermann/Vorsch.Club1.W2.W3.W4.W7.W8.WGes Pkt.
1 UK 1003 Tinky Winky John Gill
Juliet Daniels
1 (3) 1 1 2 2 7,0
2 UK 845 Serenity Colin Snooke
Kris Rudolph
2 1 3 3 (7) 7 16,0
3 UK 814 Cousin Trestec Bob Ladell
Mario Matteo Andriolo
(5) 5 5 2 3 3 18,0
4 IT 1200 Killer Queen Marco Mociardini
Cataudella Dario
3 4 2 4 (5) 5 18,0
5 NL 1160   Nicolas Carette
Maarten Mortier
4 2 4 (5) 4 4 18,0
6 GER 1558 Old Lady Nik Rudolph
Petra Grönfeldt
(7) 6 7 6 6 6 31,0
7 NL 1024 Isohorny Ray Willemse
Paul Passier
6 7 6 7 (DNC) DNC 39,0
8 GER 1 Mäuschen Pierre Kieffer
Yves N.N
(DNC) DNC DNC DNC 1 1 41,0
9 GER 558 Mausetüte Lars Wegner
Sebastian Lienkamp
8 8 8 8 (DNC) DNC 45,0
10 NL 1001 ZaZa Edwin van Walraven
Rutger Holtzer
9 9 9 (DNC) DNC DNC 53,0
11 GER 1719 Player Marec Cierzan
Andre Friedrich
(DNC) DNC DNC DNC 8 8 55,0
12 GER 719 Playstation Peter Hardt
Jakob Hardt