Calshot Long Distance and ISO open meeting

The Calshot ISO open meetings are renowned for being very windy and this years event was no exception. 

28th - Long distance Race

On Saturday the intention was to race to Lymington and back however, with 25+ knots and wind against tide, it was decided to moderate ambition. Instead Cousin Trestec, Pink Poup, Serenity and a club Kestrel attempted a long windward/leeward course to a fixed mark. Bob and Gary in Cousin Trestec didn't make the start after getting splashed and losing all visibility due to spectacle malfunction. With greater experience of sea sailing Pink Poup and Serenity made it up the beat.

On the downwind leg it was impossible to hoist spinnakers because this would have entailed moving into the boat. Pink Poup and the Kestrel gingerly survived to make it to the finish.  Serenity stupidly attempted a gybe (despite crew advice) and after a second capsize had to retire.


29th/30th - ISO Open meeting

On Sunday Tinky Winky joined the action for the ISO open meeting proper. The wind had not abated but if anything strengthened to 27+knots. One race of 2 laps was held and again no spinnakers appeared. The downwind legs were treacherous due to the difficulty of keeping the bow out of the back of the rolling waves. Both crew had to sit on the transom. Tinky winky retired after pitchpoling. Unhindered by eyewear, Cousin Trestec claimed first having followed the other boats to learn the course. Pink Poup also pitch poled but recovered to take second. Serenity completed the short reach at the windward end on her side and skilfully used the tide to navigate the windward mark before righting. Having learnt not to gybe with two sails in strong wind, Serenity finished in third.

On Monday the wind had eased off to more manageable conditions. Three races of 2 laps each were held back to back. Tinky winky dominated with three straight wins while the remaining three contestants jostled for places. In race 2 Serenity held off Cousin Trestec to take second. In race 3 Cousin Trestec just beat Pink Poup to the line with Serenity trailing after capsizing on a gybe. In race 4 Cousin Trestec comfortably took second while Pink Poup recovered substantial ground on the last downwind leg after capsizing and Serenity relinquished the third place after trouble getting the spinnaker back in the chute at the last mark. 


1st 1003 Tinky Winky John and Juliet Gill                                   Stone SC

2nd 815 Cousin Trestec Bob Ladell and Gary Hill                          King George SC

3rd 1002 Pink Poup Dave Poupard and Rachel Hughes      Calshot SC

4th 1190 Serenity Sticky and Miss Revitt                               Calshot SC

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