ISO Nationals Lee on Solent 2010 (10th & 11th July 2010)

It could not have been a better weekend for sailing, Bright sunshine and a steady 10 to 15 knots of wind, and a view out over the Solent from the beach and a fleet of boats to race against. Who could ask for more? That sums up the whole weekend I don’t think I need say any more than that.

I better tell you how the races went.

Race 1

The start was on a line with port end bias, Pete and Annie Lindley, 1013, took a early lead followed by John Gill and Juliet Daniels, 1003, with Mike Lillywhite and Mandy Gunner, 881, in third.

That is how it stayed until the end of the 3 laps, by which time Pete & Annie had pulled out a good lead.

Race 2

After a short delay to reset the line, John had got away to take the lead this time. He was closely followed by Mike using the development sails from Rooster to good effect. It was RWO's turn to watch from 3rd place as they all pulled away from Rachel and I, 1002. Colin Snook and Alison Revitt close behind us in 5th. It stayed that way until the end, by then the wind had picked up a little, making the down wind leg much faster. Good fun as well.

Race 3

This saw a new order off the start, Mike hit the front first, followed by John then Pete. As the race went on we could see Pete slowly get past John, and Mike to take the lead once more. John came past Mike as well in to second. The last lap saw Rachel and I take advantage of a bit of a trawl by Mike to get in front of him, on the last run. He would have got back in to 3rd on the line if Mandy had not missed the trapeze and fallen out of the boat yards from the finish line. I know it was a hot day and needed to cool down, but not when you are still racing. Mike fished Mandy out of the water and finished 4th. Bob Ladell and William Appleby, 814, came in 5th

After the days races came the Class AGM. With the Committee all elected, talk of the new sails from Rooster and looking at Johns 49er centre board it was time to have the meal provided by the Club. I did see Colin and a couple of other people sneak up for seconds. That should tell you how good it was. Shame there was no pudding, Rachel needs feeding up to keep the boat flat.

Race 4

Sunday morning saw another glorious day, bright sunshine and a good breeze.

The start saw 4 boats fighting for the lead this time, Rachel and I had got into overdrive to stay with the other 3 top boats. All was going well until we got a wine glass in our kite and lost a place as we sorted it out. With the wind shifting the race was stopped after 2 laps. As was becoming the pattern by now Pete come in first, then John, Mike and Rachel and I in 4th.

Race 5

Another close start with a longer beat this time. The wind was shifting and up and down in strength.  This made for a very close race, with a lot of place changes in the first 4 boats. With the tide running out as well, it was any one’s race. By the end it was John & Juliet in first with Pete & Annie in second.As the results show Mike just beat us, but he thought we had beaten him. All good exciting racing, even Pete was only a few yards in front this time.

Race 6

Last race of the event, saw yet another good close race. It was all down to this race, whoever beat the other (betweek Tinky Winky and RWO), won the event. John & Juliet took an early lead, and Pete & Annie were down the pack after "another rubbish start" (Pete says). The first down wind leg the pack could see Tinky Winky way on the horizon..... but...... light winds out front, and a slight shift at the back, enabled the pack to catch up. RWO were back in the fight for first place. On the second lap we, 1002, caught and passed Mike and Pete to be second at the wind ward mark. John sneaking in on the windward mark on the port lay line, holding his nerve as I shouted starboard at him. I missed him, or did he miss me by a few inches. Pete only feet behind me.  With the wind shifting and with small gusts the down wind leg was a case of if you missed a wave to surf then you got left behind, only to catch up again when you caught the wave and the others missed it. As the race finished, it was once again Pete, this time closely followed by Mike. John and I were fighting for third, when my block on the end of the spinnaker sock decided it was going to retire early and gave John third place. Colin came in ahead of Bob with a stand in novice crew in 6th.

When we came ashore it was another race to pack up the boats before the prize giving. National Champions Pete & Annie were absent from the prize giving due to Pete having to get back home in time to turn round and go out to do a night shift on the railway. An award for the best newcomer went to first time National sailors Roger Francis and Ranjit Verghese, 674.

A fantastic week ends sailing was had by all, in part made by the weather, but most of all by the Club, the Race Officer and his team of volunteers who ran the event very well and looked after us all both on and off of the water. Bacon butties rock at 8.30 in the morning.

Until next time I come 4th, see you all out on the water.


Dave Poupard.

Full Results Here....