2009 Stralsund ISO Europeans - An alternative view...

My spin for the regatta report is somewhat different as we did rather less competitive sailing than anyone else. However as editor-in-chief Colin, you may use all, some, or none from the following observations.

Sunday, arrived early dog-tired, no inclination for boat assembly. Amazed to meet Mike Preater for the first time, must remember not to moan any more about my right knee which is showing first signs of arthiritis.

Monday, boat assembled, most difficult action was spinnaker selection. Rain came tumbling down so we gave up on the idea of a practice day. 690 not happy with their main, so borrowed my spare which has seen less service.


Tuesday, first sail / first races, just outside the harbour entrance. Modified the burgee on a tree by the slipway, then nearly fell over on the slipway trying to straighten it. Now I know why it's called a slipway (remembering my broken coccyx from 2008). Discovered the fun that is to be had from sailing out of a very narrow channel lined by wooden posts cut off at water level.  This took longer than expected so most us came late to first start, 828 didn't make it. Joined in for race 2 after a practice sail, remembering how to sail the thing again. Limited success - we finished (well someone has to be last).  After that, too many aches and pains from granny and grandpa so went for early bath. It looks like Holland vs Germany at the top of the table. Germany 690 using a borrowed boat and my spare pink stripe sail beginning to show some pace, but suffered a setback when protested out of one race by the man who invited us not to protest...Nik. Evening team meal out at Zum alten Fritz next to the brewery.

Wednesday, races on the Stralsund side of the 2 Rügen bridges. 828 very late on the water, didn't get a tow through the windless part under the bridges so paddled. Arrived at start much too late and exhausted, had a recreational sail and went quietly home. Conrad and Rudi in 690 now leading overall from Hans and Maarten. I was offered a sail on a Star for the weekly Wednesday regatta which was gladly accepted. High concentration on telltales led to a 3rd place medal on my first ever ride in a star.  Well you didn't expect that a beginner would be entrusted with the notoriously fragile mast, so I got to drive. A sail long to be remembered. We were 3rd in class so not disgraced.  My knees suffered just as much on the Star as on the ISO. Thanks to Thomas for offering it and Tobias for working the strings. 

Thursday, lay day.  Repairs on all boats + Brewery tour (how much does anyone remember?)

Friday, Champagne day - sailing south from Stralsund, wind stable 4 and sun - perfect. 3 races without contribution from 828 (other than appearing briefly at the start) but such a glorious day, so we had a longer recreational sail including ~20minutes downwind with kite. First capsize (downwind) right in front of a small beach full of tourists (it isn't funny if nobody sees).  Modified burgee again. All others came back after racing with that silly Mr Toad look on their faces.  Conrad and Rudi have it just about sewn up now.  Hans and Maarten break their rudder on the way back in to the harbour on one of the cut off piles.  828 spares pile again called on as none is available to buy. Operetta at the Harbour - Land des Lächelns - staged on a ship and viewed from a grandstand on the harbour wall.

Saturday, 828 determined to take a more active part today, completed race 1, then my crew was suffering from a finger burnt on the spinnaker hoist when a loose line jammed in the turning block.  Crew jumped ship onto the committee boat, so I did the remaining 2 races alone, almost staying in touch with the fleet, still with jamming spinnaker halyard.  Thanks to you all for not protesting me out.  Subsequent challenge from Nik may be painful - compete in next year Treves marathon against him single-handed.   In the end, Conrad and Rudi were too quick and fully deserved their win, implicitly beating everyone who didn't come (so did we!) and showing what can be done wth Sobstad sails...  is there any way that they can defend their title?

Critical statistics:

  1. My spare main won
  2. My spare rudder came in 2nd
  3. I got a medal for Wednesday evening! and this time it wasn't 3rd in a class of 3  - thanks to Mr Skinner for that suggestion!
  4. I wasn't the oldest one there - thanks again Mr Skinner
  5. We think we may have been the oldest crew.
  6. Where are the pro-am prizes?

Back to work today, not so easy.