2009 Nationals Lee on Solent Report

ISO Nationals Lee on Solent 4th – 6th September 2009 Our first ever Iso Nationals started as you would expect, blowing 30 knots plus, nothing new, after all Lee on Solent is only 5 miles away from Calshot, towards Portsmouth. At least that was only on Friday, the practice day. Nobody went out.

Saturday was less windy about 15 knots but the skies were a bit grey, after a short delay the first race got under way. A very well mannered start saw the fleet off to the first mark. The wind was building as the race went on and the boats spread out as some found the down wind leg livelier that they were use to. Several capsize allowed for some changing of the order by the end of the race. (If that sounds a bit lame account of what happened, I’m sorry, because I was too busy concentrating on not falling over myself to see what every body else was doing.) Race 2 and 3 were much the same as the wind was still building and throwing a few gusts as well. More capsizes this time too. But I do remember going past Pete and Marco in both races on the down wind leg, the second time he did not look too happy, but they had just shredded their sheets and could not use the kite (Sorry Pete). After the first 3 races Andy and Vicky Gould were in the lead with two 1st’s and a 2nd. Mike Lillywhite second with a 1st a 2nd and 7th. George Chambers and Jonathan Wells third with three 3rd places, myself and Rachel forth with three 4th places. We were pleased with that, showing that we can be consistent and not fall over in some testing conditions.

After a shower came the AGM, and then a very good supper provided by the Club, a couple of beer’s and then an early night for most as the day had worn us out.

Sunday started as forecast, sunny and light winds. Race one was a short one as the wind shifted around and started to build, turning it into a leg straight to the wind ward mark followed by a reach to the bottom mark. The Race Officer allowed us to finish then postponed the next race while the course was re-laid. Andy spotted the wind shift and won the race. Mike 2nd and we came in 3rd.

Race two saw the fleet split in to directions, the boats going out on starboard side seemed to come out on top as the tide had started to run out by now. We had a coming together with Bob Ladell on the bottom mark, he mumbled something about the tide not letting him give me mark room that I was entitled to, forcing me the wrong side of the mark to avoid hitting him. I mumbled back something that I can not write in the report. (Next training day, some thing about rules please.) As a result we were second to last at the wind ward mark, finally finishing 7th, thanks Bob. Mike won, Andy 2nd and George 3rd. After a very quick relaying of the start line we were in to our last race. A little more wind once more to get us flying down wind once more. With the wind shifting a little and more tide running saw a change at the front this time. George broke his consistency and came in 1st. Marco and Pete found their feet and finished 2nd, Mike 3rd and Andy 4th. That gave a close end to the event only 2 points between Andy and Mike, after all 6 races.

After the races had finished it was good to see some good seaman ship shown by all of the boats, it is not called Lee on Solent for nothing. There is almost always a lee shore here. Main sails were dropped and those with jib ferlers used them to get back to the gang of helpers on the beach to recover the boats with no incidents or damage. They are well practiced at this here. After a very welcome cup of tea and some cake there was the usual prize giving. The Club ran a very successful event and every one came away happy.

A big thank you to all at the Club for there hard work over the weekend. Some one said that over 30 people helped out to run the event, well done to all of them. I enjoyed the whole weekend and am looking forward to my next Open event.

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