ISO Travellers - Weirwood SC (21st & 22nd March 1999)

The first ISO event of 1999 attracted 20 boats and was held at Weir Wood SC near East Grinstead on the 21st and 22nd of March. Saturday's racing was run in a pleasant force 2 to 3, with the race officer using practically all the buoys on the pond. The first race was won by Mike Speller and Rob Burridge, Colin State and Vicki Watling finished second. The fourth race saw Speller and Coach, and newcomers to the class Team RWO over the line, both re rounded and started to play catch-up. A shift to the right in the wind, allowed RWO to take full advantage and overtook the majority of the fleet with a couple of tacks. The winners of the final race of the day were Dave Giles and Richard Chadburn beating the Nation Champions Lucy Kennedy and Matt Haddon.
Day two proved much more testing for everybody, the wind had increased to a force four to five, which made things a bit more interesting. The course was again all over the pond which proved tiring for most crews having to pull the spinnaker up and down several times during the race. 1188 won the first race with Rob Langton and Simon Hadley sailing 'One 2 One' second. What proved to be the last race of the weekend, saw the same boats first and second.

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