ISO Gala - Bristol Corinthian SC (26th & 27th March 2000)

Mike Speller and Rob Burridge once again retained their pole position at the top of the ISO fleet, winning the ISO gala event at Cheddar reservoir, Bristol on March 26th/27th. With huge windshifts, sunny and calm one minute, then force five and a raging hailstorm the next, the place changes were dramatic, and virtually everyone could claim to be leading at some stage.

The most serious challenger was 'Team RWO', helmed by Alistair Clarke and crewed by Pete Lindley. Perhaps it was a mistake wearing that shortie wetsuit in a hailstorm, but Pete's hard northerner image was somewhat diminished by the pathetic cries of ow! ow! as they trailed the leaders up the last beat. In the end they had beaten Mike and Rob twice, but after coming second in the final race they finished 3 points behind the leaders, counting 2 firsts, a second and a fourth.

In the runner up positions, Eastbourne Sovereign S.C. and Emsworth Slipper S.C were battling it out boat for boat, with Mick Whitmore and Sarah Smith pulling off some great stunts to finish 3rd. As has been the pattern at the Worlds and Nationals last year, Andrew Gould and Vicky Lewis were neck and neck with the other Eastbourne boat crewed by Gary Smith and Lynn Whitmore, who eventually finished in 4th and 5th places respectively. A capsize in the last race caused Dave Cockerill and Guy Ellis to drop to 6th place, completing the ESSC sandwich.

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