ISO & Buzz Training @ St Felicia Cerceo, Italy (22nd - 25th April 2004)

Thursday 22nd April, 10:30 local time and Team RWO landed at Ciampino Airport, in Rome Italy. Stefano De' Rossi (ISO 903) awaited our arrival in the freezing 25 deg c temperature!

St Felicia Circeo [Feleecha Cheerchow] is located 1hour 30 mins from Rome. It is on the west coast of Italy, half way between Rome and Naples.

Bags were dropped off at the house, then after a quick food and water stop, we drove to the sailing club, 4 mins away. With the eta of Buzz 452 of about 16:30, Stefano, Pete & Annie,set about completely kitting out ISO 903 due to it having all the fittings removed and refitted. 5 hours later and the boat was starting to look ready for the water. Paolo & Deborah Monciardini arrived with their Buzz and set about rigging.

As the sun was disappearing behind the hill, we all packed away and headed for Stefano's house for an evening meal and a couple of beers. With Pete & Annie being up since 08:30 the previous morning with only 4 hours kip since, there was no wonder they were dropping asleep around 23:15, so bed for all, ready for the next day of sailing.



Friday and all of us were down at the boats by 10:00 to finish tweaking and tuning. Deborah and Annie popped off to the shop for food and beers, then after lunch, Stefano and Annie went off in the ISO, whilst Paolo & Deborah launched in the Buzz. With an Italian only speaking rescue boat driver and a Northern speaking Pete, both were down to communicating through hand signals (not a victory sign was shown in either direction), the result was satisfactory. Marco, Paolo's brother, turned up with the family and stepped into relieve Deborah of her duties in the Buzz.

Windward leeward course set up and several starts, all as per the norm - except for the 25 deg c air temp (and Annie in her dry suit). As usual, the camcorder was put to use to make sure all the action and mishaps were saved for all to laugh at later, sorry, learn from later. Once ashore, a quick rinse of the boats and people and it was back to the house to get washed and changed for a meal out.

Six and a half people (Marco's daughter being the half) ventured up the hill in cars for a very pleasant meal out at the Grottino Restaurant. Pizza's, Pasta, Chocky Cake, Beers, Limoncela, all resulted in six and a half full stomachs.

Saturday was sunny with a force 3. Stefano had to rush off to the harbour to start a local yacht race due to being race office. On his return, Pete explained in true Tyke Italian, the rig set up and general tuning techniques. A bite to eat then straight onto the water. With Annie ashore, Pete initially helmed then crewed for Stefano. After about twenty mins, Pete swam aboard the Buzz and turfed out Paolo, so he could help Marco out with his helming. Next Marco was turfed out of his Buzz to allow Paolo to return and pick up a few tips on crewing techniques. Some good camcorder footage was taken whilst the camcorder was strapped to the space frame of the ISO, this included a bit of under water footage of the ISO during a capsize. It looked just like a program on TV where they go looking for ship wrecks - very eerie especially with the under water noises!!

Ashore, boats were totally packed away, then shopping for a couple of cows, pigs and chickens for a large barbeque back at Stefano's house.

Sunday, Marco & Family, plus Paolo & Deborah, left early for home up near Milan. Stefano, Annie and Pete tidied the house up and headed off up North to Rome for an excellent quick 5 hour tour of Rome, including the colosseum!

 Stefano dropped Pete & Annie off at the airport to catch their 19:30 flight back to good old blighty!

The Colosseum







An excellent couple of days sailing and great Italian hospitality - as always! Very tiring with early departures and late nights, but as a bonus, two more boats are booked for Garda!!!



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