ISO Inlands - Bewl Valley SC (20th / 21st October)

With light wins forecasted, we headed east for the last meeting of the season at Bewl Valley Sailing Club, and they weren't wrong!


First Race.

We all launched and then drifted to the start line to be met by a sudden increase of wind to at least a F2 as the one minute gun went off! What a relief to us well built chaps in 1022 the Concept Sails boat! Rob and Barry just managed to pip Ian and James in 00, around the up wind mark, closely followed by Lloyd and Graham in 1188 the Super Spars sponsored boat and rest of the fleet.

Concept Sails manages to hold on to 1st place for a while before ending up in third place by the second rounding of the up wind mark due to the helm taking a sightseeing tour of the reservoir. You know who I am talking about!! With Lloyd and Graham in the Super Spar boat taken over the lead. Mr and Mrs Lindley in 1013 (RWO) moving into second and that's how it ended with Richard and Tom in an excellent fourth place in 760.

Second Race.

After a slight delay, whilst the race officer attempted to find an up wind position for the top mark in a rather light and shifty wind, we started the longest race in the world, with the Lindleys in the RWO boat rounding the mark first, being chased by Lloyd and Graham in 1185 'SuperSpar' and the rest of the fleet.
By sticking closely to the Dam wall, Mr. and Mrs. Lindley started to open the gap in first place, assisted by the rest of the fleet doing more turns than in an episode of strictly come dancing trailing behind!
1st Place went to Pete and Annie (RWO), followed by Mike and Jonny in Neil Pride, then Lloyd and Graham, with Rob and Barry in fourth.

Third Race

This started with Ian and James in 00, Wet and Windy getting a flyer at the wrong end of the line, only to have the fleet get a general recall by the time we were ¾ the way up to the first mark. Gutted! We started again, with Rob and Barry in 1022 attempting to push Ian and James in the wet and windy boat over the line early then following them! To watch the rest of fleet disappear, with Lloyd and Graham in 1185 take another 1st, followed by Eamon and Kate in 641 take a well disserved 2nd, Pete and Annie in third followed by Bruce and Steve in a fine fourth.


As some of us woke up in a completely frozen camp site we prayed for some wind.

Fourth Race

We started the fourth and what was the final race amongst the club racers and something to do with the flying 15, which I am still trying to work out?????
The wind we prayed for did not happen and we all drifted across the start line and around the course with Lloyd and Graham in 1185 supported by SuperSpars taking first and the Inlands Championship, followed Pete and Annie in the RWO 1013 boat and Ian and James in 00 Wet and Windy. Many thanks to Bewl Valley Sailing Club for holding the event and to everybody who entered. A big well done to Lloyd and Graham in 1185 for becoming the Inlands, National and the Europeans Champions for 2007. A big thank you to the class sponsors for their support this season, RWO Marine Equipment Ltd and Cousin Trestec. Finally, a personal thank you to Rich at Concept Sails for his support of 1022.


Overall Results Here....

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