ISO Gala - Felixstowe Ferry SC (9th / 10th June)

This was it - Felixstowe Ferry SC and the first serious outing for the production Hyde sails. How would they go in the light conditions? Admirations all round in the dinghy park cool sails, great new look, nice modern boat. Compliments all round so, so far so good. Now for the on the water bit.

The fleet welcomed newcomers Neil and Ben in 603 with rig checks and tips n tricks. Then off we went into the churning estuary on the ebb tide. Half the fleet were flying Hydes, the other Sobstads of varying vintages.

First gun and the 4000s all went to the back of the queue ! Then it was our turn tensions building and off we went with a slow beat into the tide. Sea sailors Walker, Wells and Lewis all pulling out along with the unusual teaming of Gommersal and Lindley in ISOHorny. Cousin Trestec pulled off the line trying to find some power from the new rig. A rapid learning curve ensued up the first beat eventually settling down with more kicker, off with the outhaul, on with the barbers or was it the other way round ? The first mark loomed into sight, only to see the Patrol boat rescuing the spreader mark from the tide, throwing the leaders into disarray. Time for some recovery !

A steady first run gave the opportunity for some tactics, Walker leading the way and places swapping around between Neil Pryde and Farter & Chunder with ISOHorny just keeping ahead of Cousin Trestec, all picking their way through the 4000 first beat.

Next gun - and the adrenalin was still running high, 4000s all went to the back of the queue ! Cousin Trestec made a good get away and pushed steadily ahead to lead the race by the third lap. Lloyd and Graham drew on their experience to gybe out at the right time and take line honours, with a very lucky break at the line for Neil Pryde just robbing 2nd from Cousin Trestec by a length.

3rd race and Concept Sails got it together to make a good showing, steadily overhauled by the usual suspects, with Yellow Peril also putting in an appearance for a time. The busy water made picking your way through all three fleets quite interesting to find clean air and that few seconds advantage. Lloyd and Graham found the best rote to win again with Lewis and Wells fighting out for 2nd and 3rd. Concept Sails held on to 4th in the final leg.

Lloyd Walker - Suffering!

A good days racing with the first 4 places going to the Hydes, perhaps as expected on past record for the crews concerned but mixed in with a healthy dose of Sobstads. The Hydes didn't have it all their own way !!

Felixstowe SC provided a good evening curry, live music. And the Broadside did what it said on the pump !! Just as well there was no wind Sunday morning with, sadly, racing abandoned.

And the newcomers had a great weekend too. See everyone again soon at Calshot and then the Eurocup at the glorious La Rochelle.

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