ISO Eurocup: La Rochelle (23rd - 27th July)

Sunday arrival day. Glorious sunshine in the delightful La Rochelle but no wind so weary travellers retired to the bar. Monday morning sign on day, the wind blew and it bucketed down ! So much for that sunshine and a practice sail around the bay. Never mind, Tuesday was race day and of course it would be a good day all round.

Tuesday morning and eager crews all tipped out of the campsite early rearing for the 12.30 start. The wind continued to howl on throughout the day creating metre plus seas with a very short chop. The RO eventually called it off when the forecast abatement clearly wasn't going to materialise. Still, there was always the Crews Meal to look forward to.

 Wednesday and finally the weather cleared up; five races to make up for the previous day and we were off !!! First race saw Super Spars grin broadly at the light winds they like so much taking line honours followed by Farter and Chunder and an impressive performance from two of last years back markers, Datchets Eamon and Kate in 641, taking third, Concept Sails 4th and Jim and Ali fifth in 511.

Next race and Ride the Punani woke up to take third, narrowly pushing Cousin Trestec into 4th after swapping places several times around the course. The one two at the front was already developing.

Race three saw a KGSC tussle between Cousin Trestec and Yellow Peril, with Yellow Peril taking an unusual 4th place. The three sea sailing leaders were well out in front having mastered the light conditions.

Race 4 and a change at the front ! Farter and Chunder put Super Spars into 2nd place, with Ride the Punani again fighting it out with Cousin Trestec for 3rd and 4th respectively. Eamon and Kate weren't letting up either, chasing hard for 5th.

Race 5 - last one of the day, again saw a repeat of race 4 at the front with yet another KGSC tussle for 4th and 5th  YP again just pushing Cousin Trestec into 5th ! A change of act needed !!

Thursday saw increased wind strength kick in. A good F4 and some waves to play with at last ! Super Spars, Farter and Chunder and Cousin Trestec all shot out in front with the Hyde sails powering up the beat. Neck and neck at the first mark, up went the kites and off shot the lead boats flying Hyde kites, leaving Cousin Trestec flying a Sobstad for dust to settle for 3rd, albeit a long way ahead of the fleet.

Race 7 and Cousin Trestec had a clean get away building a substantial lead up the first beat and holding the lead all the way round the first lap. 2nd beat was equally exciting with Super Spars and Farter and Chunder still chasing hard up to the top mark again. Rounding near enough together the Hyde kites eased their way past. Time to do something different. Super Spars gybed out early, shortly followed by Cousin Trestec. It was going to be a close call on who had guessed it correctly. Cousin Trestec chased Super Spars across the course inching backwards against the Hyde kite. Then Super Spars went for a gybe. And whats this ?? Pole down a wave. Were they going for a roller coaster ride down a wave ? Pole went down some more, boat gathered speed, pole in further then the transom lifted and lifted more turning Super Spars into Super Sub !!

Cousin Trestec cruised on by, almost keeping a straight line, to take on Farter and Chunder at the bottom mark. Both came in almost together. Who would take it ? Both kept the kite flying until it became too much for Farter and Chunder. Could Cousin Trestec take them during the drop ? The hooter went in quick succession and Cousin Trestec took 2nd !! Well done F n C !

Race 8 saw Ride the Punani get the best start and hold it all the way round to build a masterful lead, demonstrating that its the way you sail the Sobstads that counts and Hydes don't have it all their own way.

The Official Dinner was graced by Pete Lindley and Best Man, Mike Speller, putting in a special appearance, rewarded by a Crossing the Line Ceremony. It just had to be done ! This was followed by the odd beer or two ( as if ! )  and for he of the glowing grey hair and sons, amongst many others, a trip to the local gay bar - with much reported hilarity that wont be reported here !



If it isn't the helm of 1185 regretting suppin' Adnams Broadside at Felixstowe Ferry this year, it's the crew of 1185 regretting visiting a Gay bar the night before!!


If it isn't the helm of 1185 regretting suppin' Adnams Broadside

at Felixstowe Ferry this year, it's the crew of 1185 regretting

visiting a Gay bar the night before!!

Friday last day and just two more races to settle the championship. It was close, just one point between Super Spars and Farter and Chunder. 3rd and 4th had already been settled between Ride the Punani and Cousin Trestec. The Pitch Pole Princes in Super Spars aced the day to take the Championship in the light airs by a substantial lead. Congratulations - very well sailed guys !

Another great week came to a close with the RWO Pro-Am won by Pros Cousin Trestec and first timer Ams, Calshot Dave and Rachel in 1002.

The back end of the fleet was hotly contested as usual, with an easy win from first timers Gil and Phillipe having only very recently bought 800, losing out to the other Datchet pair, Dave and Andrew Skinner. Great to see hot competition throughout the fleet.

Many thanks to all at SRR in La Rochelle for a well organised event. A venue we can thoroughly recommend to all classes.

Next event is the Cousin Trestec sponsored Nationals at Herne Bay SC on 25th to 27th August.

Overall Results Here....

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