ISO Characteristics

All-rounder - Hull characteristics suit skiff/asymmetric open events as well as club level, round the cans racing.  Hull design is good for inland waters but also works well in a sea/waves.

Adaptable - Wide range of age, weight, gender options are competitive. Flexible rules regarding position of controls, and ISO-2 _fitting  areas_ allows different helm/crew role allocations. (e.g. gennaker can be rigged for hoisting by crew or helm and either automatic or manual pole launch).

Affordable - new ISO-2 boats are competitively priced. Good second hand boats are available for under £1000

Robust - Hulls are built to last and remain competitive. Early boats from 1990s are still racing. ISO-2 Epoxy hull will be even stronger/stiffer.

Maintainable - ALL class specific parts are supplied by Vantage Sailing which has strong ties to the class. The ISO Class association ensures continuing supply of boats and parts. Major brands Ronstan, Super Spars, English Braids supporting new ISO-2 initiative.

ISO Mk II Newsflash

The best boat you ever owned just got better!

The ISO Class Association has pioneered the build of the brand new ISO-2.

  • Epoxy glass construction - 30kg lighter than the ISO-1 !!!!
  • Stiffened in high load areas - improved internal bracing
  • Improved deck layout giving easier access to control lines
  • Competitive pricing - contact Ginger Boats for details
  • Continued support from Vantage Sailing for all parts
  • Same rig and foils - bare hull avaliable as an upgrade path

See the first ISO-2 on stand L24 at the RYA Dingy and Watersports Show.

Read about it in Yachts and Yachting.

Talk about it in the ISO Dinghy Sailing chat group.

AGM agenda 2019





2019 Annual General Meeting

ISO Class Association

VENUE: Stone Sailing Club, Tinnocks Lane, St. Lawrence Bay, Essex, CM0 7NF, UK

DATE: 25th August 2019, after completion of racing (18.00 approx..)


1)    Welcome and approval of minutes of 2018 AGM

2)    Summary of the current status of the ISO Class Association (ICA)

a)     Membership

b)     Treasurers report  

c)     Licence agreements with suppliers and availability of spares

d)     Website and on-line payment systems

3)     ICA membership subscription amounts and benefits

4)     Proposed events for 2020

5)     Promotion of the ISO class and association

a)     Plans for the ICA Drone

b)     RYA dinghy show

c)     Other

6)     Proposed revisions to ISO CA constitution (if any)

7)     Proposed revisions to ISO Dinghy Class Rules (if any)

8)     Election of ICA committee members

9)     Any other business




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