ISO Europeans Day 4

Day 4 - this is a brief summary from the text message I received:
The day started with loads and loads of wind. Everyone stayed ashore waiting for it to die down a little. It did. Everybody launched. A couple of attempts were made to start a race but there was now no wind at all. After 2 hours or so, racing was cancelled for the rest of the day as a huge storm was en-route to the race course.

So the overall winners of the 2010 ISO Europeans, with a very convincing scoreline of 1st's, was 815, Team Rooster Sailing, Mike Lillywhite and Mark Riddington from Emsworth Slipper SC

  1. GBR 815, Team Rooster Sailing, Mike Lillywhite & Mark Riddington
  2. ITA 1200, Marco Monciardini & Matteo Moscatelli
  3. ITA 688, ISOtta, Paola Galli & Micheli Favaretto

Congratulations to all who competed - I'm very envious!

Here are the rock star winners:

2010 Eurocup Winner - Mike Lillywhite 2010 Eurocup Winner - Mark Riddington


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