ISO Europeans Day 3

Day 3 of the ISO euros started with stronger winds coming down the lake causing concerns amongst some teams.

With another excellent course set by the race officer race 7 got away with 815 taking the lead by the first mark but very closely followed by 688 sailing flat and fast.

Downwind 688 were almost taking the lead but 815 managed to hold on with 688 pushing very hard and crossing in front at times.815 managed to hold on until the finish but 688 were extremely close behind followed by 9 and 881. With the stronger winds some boats were posting better results including 1154 and with a much improved gybing technique 1005 managed to finish a very creditable 14th their best result yet.

With the wind still building race 8 got away only to find 815 on course side meaning a quick bear away back down the line to clear themselves. 80 and 688 took the chance and lead the pack up the beat. With a lucky beat up the shore 815 managed to reprieve themselves and get to 3rd.

With a close down wind leg the positions stayed the same but very close, 815 tacked of to the favoured left side early and managed to take the lead by the windward mark followed by a very fast windy downwind leg retaining their lead but again with 688 and this time 80 very close behind. After race 8 the teams waited for race 9 during which time Marco’s crew decided to try and climb the mast like a monkey and sort out a batten problem only to drop to the deck with one leg in and one leg out the boat !! Let's hope the photographer got that one !!!!!

With the wind continuing to build and many teams capsizing the R.O. decided to call it a day and send the boats in.


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